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Camper Vans and Motor Homes


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The sites are open for booking directly via Emma 07717774956 soon.


Booking starting from 1st April 2024 onwards.


All term and conditions apply the same as for the Cabins (please see the web site for details)


£35 per night

Meter cards available, so bring some cash. 


Dogs are welcome but have to be tethered and are not allowed to run around loose at any time. There are no fenced areas around your allocated site, sites are open.

Please call Emma 07717774956 to book your site.

We have 4 hard stands for Camper vans or motor homes here at Cobblehouse Country Cabins.

Roe, Swallow, Hoeney Bee and Badger.


Each site is big enough for up to an eight berth, with plenty of room for your camper and an awning.

Electric hook up, shower and washing facilities and Sewage disposal, a tap is directly beside your site, a few meters away is a shower and site wc, washing up sink and a further few feet is your van wc disposal.

This is not on the website for booking, can only be booked manually, due to being from 1 to as many nights as you please. (the Cabins on this website are from 3 plus nights only and impossible to change the minimum for the campers)


Entry time is from 12 noon on day of arrival and departure is to be by 11am on day of departure.

Please call Emma 07717774956 to book your site.

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