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Log Burners | Cobblehouse country Cabins

Updated: May 3, 2022

They are in and working. We will light the log burner before your arrival on a chilly day, so you can walk into a warm and cosy cabin. Logs will be available on site, in the large log box outside, while inside they can be put in an antique looking fire side box. Fire lighter and matches are provided. if you are not familiar with a log burner, we will come down and show you how to maintain your fire to the safest and in the most economical way.

We also have onsite BBQs, outside each cabin, hand made, firm and sturdy. a bag of charcoal will be provided so you can get straight on with your countryside BBQ.

A fire pit is available on the grassed area near all the picnic tables. The wood for this is a separate supply than to that for the Log Burners, if you run out of fire pit wood please just ask for more.

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