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To Hell and Back, TWICE | Cobblehouse Country Cabins

A continuation of Murder at Cobblehouse Farm.

Covid rules have kept our families apart since March 2020. Living in separate countries, under different governments hasn’t helped matters for our rules have clashed. They exist, of course, for the good of the masses yet here in England our Prime Minister partied when we couldn’t—and didn’t.

Resulting, my writing has been limited to a sequel to ‘Lost Soul: Broken Soul to Soul on Fire’ (which is my personal recovery story from brain trauma). Entitled ‘Soul Searching: To Hell and Back Twice’ it’s my encounter with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, partly written while suffering from the darkness of its clasp and partly after remission when I apply the scientific aspect I’m qualified to share. This book is due for publication on the eighth anniversary of my survival of the brutal attack that left me disabled but reveals much deeper wounds.

More recently I’ve embarked on my second trilogy. If you’ve read my first blog on Cobblehouse Country Cabins site you’ll know my story ventures up from London to Netherdale the first time but will this wonderful place make it into my story again? You will have to wait and see on that! I’ve just spent the week researching sites down south and have ideas ready to expand on what I’ve started. Now I need to travel.

What I also need is to spend quality time speaking to Graham—and that needs to be in depth. Stories shared over the years with me have never been repeated in my books (although a couple of material things might have slipped through). Graham’s life needs to be told. It needs bringing to life how I know best. How we do that is up to him, but I know it’ll involve plenty of tea, coffee and one or two glasses of tipple with my wonderful cousins in order to bring what we started nearly three years ago to frustration. Its time Mr Miller!

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I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2022. Stay safe.

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