Farm Rules

Once you have paid for your holiday you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

The Cabins must be left in a reasonable state. Please remember this is someone else's property.
All bedlinen and towels to be placed into the shower tray, or the laundry bag provided.
All windows to be left open.
If you are staying for a long period of time and you require more towels, or a change of tea towel please ask, we would be glad to help.
If you break something, we would rather know, so it can be replaced. Accidents happen.



Dog Poo: please pick it up, even on your country walks and down out tracks. We are not the only ones who use the walk ways. 

Dogs on Leads: Keep your dog on a lead at all times, while out and about, it is the law of the countryside. For your dogs safety and that of other animals and children. Even if you think your dog is safe and nice and used to children and other animals, just do not take the risk.


Smoking: Strictly no smoking in or around the Cabins. We do not mind Vaping outside or you sitting in your car to smoke. But please take your tabby ends home or put them in a bin as we do not like to find them around the site, or while outside walking. We like our countryside beautiful and to keep it that way. We do understand that some people are responsible smokers stubbing out into an old can or bottle.