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A very frosty morning | Cobblehouse Country Cabins

31st December 2021

One day last week, on my daily walk with the dogs, on a crisp fresh morning. The ground crunching under foot with every step. The dogs ran around me with excitement and their breath showing in the frosty cold air.

We passed the Cabins and discovered some spiders had been busy overnight, leaving behind very delicately made and woven webs.

As the mist came down in the evening, droplets captured on the webs, just before the cold set in and the early morning and was over taken with the cold.

The webs began to freeze and the outline of the beautiful structure was revealed.

The roofs were thick with frost, so deep in depth my finger sank into it as it melted, with my warmth. As I took a closer look seeing that the white was made up of tiny frosty flower patterns.

What a beautiful sight it was.

I am in ore of our nature and its beautiful ways.

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