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Storm arwen | trees | wood | sawdust | cedarwood | cherrywood | off cuts | signs shaving | Cabins

The aftermarth of storm Arwen finally comes to rest at Cobblehouse Country Cabins.

Storm arwen cedarwood cherrywood off cuts signs shaving.

The trees that were distroyed, and made to fall to the ground on and around Cobblehouse Farm over 2 years ago have finaly come to rest, after being milled or planked, even the shavings have been bought here.

Helped by our very own Graham Miller, Jim Miller from Turriff took less than a day to saw the pile of wood into managable lengths and shapes, for use here at the Farm

The Cedarwood has been made into supports for a weather protection structure, where as the 120 year old Cherrywood has been made into planks, with the intension of making some rustic signs and table tops.

The off cuts (edge planks) will be used for cladding, most probaly on an animal house.

The shavings will be used for horse bedding and chickens nest boxes.

So you see nothing has gone to waste, useful, resorsefull products.

nothing goes to waste

no waste here, used for cladding
off cuts

for use here at the farm, grown and used here
Cedarwood uprights and Cherrywood planks
no a bit of waste on this farm
off cuts

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