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World War 1 | Cobblehouse Country Cabins

My Great Grand Parents had five sons, Cyril was my Grandfather. He had 6 Children Philis, Joan, Molly, John, Barbra (still with us) and Kenneth (Ken) my dad.

I remember my Grandad Cyril, I was very little about 5 when he died but I do still remember his beautiful garden, always had pink carnations growing and a massive ivy covering the entrance to the garden shed.

He had a shrapnel scar, on his neck or face cant quite remember.

Always smoked a roll up.

My dad was a little boy in the second world war, he was too young to really remember it.

The following is a memorial formed by one of my cousins Andrew Fawcett, Artist. He has looked into the history of the Playles and found this amazing information.

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