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Easter fast approaching | Cobblehouse country cabins

Updated: Apr 18

Easter fast approaching | Cobblehouse country cabins

Imagine, hiding your children's Chocolate Easter eggs along our woodland walk, in and around the Cabins. Plenty of space for your little ones to run around safely.

Dog friendly cabins, perfect for your Easter break.

Book your cabin via our website, also see many photos and read our guest reviews.

One of our own Easter egg hunts here at Cobblehouse Country Cabins, was loved by our children and grandchildren, it kept them busy for hours, running all over the farm. Following clues to the next prise.

do you know where to get them from?
zebras eggs

Zebra Eggs

malteesers my fav
another clue

the ones that lay the eggs

three at Cobblehouse Country Cabins
The Cabins

rest in peice
Handsom chap

out on the roam

what else was I going to use
wheel barrow full of flowers

she is still alive
Dear Gurtie

this rosa has taken to flowering December

no breakfast without eggs

from here

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